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Our Process

Our Process delivers the most potent herbal tea products available with great taste.

We start by procuring teas and herbs from growers around the world and the United States that we have an established relationship with-that grow their herbs and teas on pristine soils free of pesticides with virtually no exposure to air and water pollution.

These growers have demonstrated an ability over time to deliver herbs (we include green and black tea leaves in this category) to our manufacturing facility potent enough to create a desired effect.

Herbs rapidly degrade after harvesting (an example a tomato loses on average 30% of its nutrients 3 days after being picked, similar to herbs) so developing relationships with growers that can deliver herbs with good potency is crucial for an herbal product to produce a desired effect.

Even though our growers deliver potent herbs we still wanted to improve their potency because of the transit time the herbs take to reach our facility in Nashville Tn.  They primarily come from Siberia, Asia, South America and remote parts of The United States.

So, to recapture that potency loss during transit. We adapted a technology we had developed for making a vegan form of vitamin D from mushrooms by exposing them to certain light waves pulsed at certain frequencies. We started using a form of that technology on the herbs and tea leaves after they arrived at our facility.

This technology removes any moisture present (to extend shelf life) and recreates a photosynthetic reaction.  Where light gets converted into nutrients that become a source of energy for the plant. These same nutrients are also what provide the health benefits when we consume them.

We then store the herbs and teas in airtight containers before final packaging.

This process delivers an end product that is as good as it gets when consuming an herbal tea and if for any reason you disagree you can return the product anytime for a full refund.

natural buzz tea


"For some reason when I work out hard for more than a few weeks I seem to get a cold or just feel sick. Haven’t had that since drinking this tea."

- Shane T


"First off I like this tea, I get good energy from it probably the same as coffee but its smoother and longer lasting. What I really like is it makes me feel less stressed. I just don’t seem to worry as much.”"

- Lucy C


"I received some Natural Buzz Energy Tea and tried a few cups and honestly wasn’t really impressed. It tasted great I didn’t really feel anything from it. I called and spoke with someone who told me to use 2 scoops with 2 cups of water instead of 1 scoop with 1 cup of water. I hung up and tried the 2 scoops and it made a huge difference. I could feel the tea working in just a few minutes after drinking it. I recommend using 2 scoops with 2 cups of water worked much better for me."

- Mike, Franklin Tn


"Wow I have been looking for something besides coffee to get me going in the morning. I don’t even like drinking coffee but I need something to get me going. The first time I tried Natural Buzz Energy Tea I couldn’t believe how good it tasted and I could feel myself waking up. I love it"

- Sue N