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Ingredients-Natural Buzz Energy Tea

The following is a description of the potent herbs and tea leaves we use in the Natural Buzz Energy Tea formulation. Every tea leaf and herb is cut to a particular size to maximize the potency every time you brew it.

This tea is formulated and produced so it always increases your energy, improves your mood, makes you healthy and is great-tasting.

It’s, a masterpiece of artisan craftsmanship at every step.  All of these ingredients have their potency amped up even further after they arrive at our facility. You can learn more about that by clicking the “Our Process” button in the navigation bar.

Ingredient List With Descriptions:


guayusa leaf Natural Buzz Energy Tea

Contains more caffeine than black tea but less than coffee. Has double the amount of antioxidants found in green tea, aids digestion and provides a smooth long lasting energy boost without jitters.

It’s a leaf from a tree that grows in the Amazon Rainforest that Indigenous people who live there have used for millennia as a stimulant in the morning and to stay up all night to hunt. 

What makes guayusa a potent stimulant is the level and ratios of caffeine to theobromine and phenolic compounds. These elements are variable among the different cultivars of guayusa and can fluctuate with the season, weather and the land its grown on.

We went through a long process of finding a source and developing protocols so our guayusa leaf had a stimulating kick that is always consistent.

When you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea the proper ratios of the constituents in guayusa that give you that stimulating kick are always there. 

Combined with the other ingredients. Natural Buzz Energy Tea is by far the healthiest-stimulating beverage available.


Organic Green Tea:

organic green tea natural buzz energy tea

Most of the health benefits of drinking green tea are attributed to a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). 

This compound has been studied for reducing cancer, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar and as an antibiotic.

The challenge with having a potent green tea with high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is it rapidly oxidizes and degrades after harvest.

Getting it fresh with strict protocols in place to minimize oxidation is crucial for it to remain potent. The cost is more to do this, so most growers and processors don’t however ours do.

Green tea also contains small amounts of caffeine and an amino acid called L Theanine which induces an alpha brain wave state where the brain is alert but relaxed-its a very pleasant compound to experience. 

For some reason, L theanine is more associated with green tea when in fact black tea has more of it.

The organic green tea we use in Natural Buzz Energy Tea comes from a pristine area in northern China and arrives at our facility fresh with a high level of potency. 

When you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea your getting all the health benefits associated with drinking fresh potent green tea.


Organic Black Tea:

organic black tea Natural Buzz Energy Tea

Contains higher levels of caffeine than green tea and antioxidant compounds (polyphenols) that are very effective for your oral health by inhibiting the plaque and cavity causing bacteria. Which also keeps your breath fresh and these compounds expand your arteries so blood flow is improved which lowers blood pressure and reduces risk of stroke and heart attack.

Properly aged and processed Organic Black Tea has the highest levels of L theanine which makes you feel happy and less stressed.

We use an organic black tea that’s been aged for several years so some of the original polyphenol compounds change and form new ones that help increase the gut bacteria associated with lean body mass and decrease the gut bacteria associated with obesity. 

All of the health benefits associated with drinking potent organic black tea are present when you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea.


Siberian Rhodiola Rosea:

rhodiola root natural buzz energy tea

Amps up your energy, increases sensitivity to your happy hormones, which has a positive effect on mood, anxiety and makes you smarter. Also helps balance the endocrine system especially reducing cortisol which helps reduce belly fat.  And Provides anti-aging benefits by extending the lifespan of cells.

What makes rhodiola rosea potent are the levels of compounds present in the whole root.  Most rhodiola is standardized for just 1 or 2 compounds.

The real benefit of consuming rhodiola is when you have the full spectrum of nutrients all working together not just 1 or 2.

 Our rhodiola comes mainly from wildcrafters in southern Siberia and Northern Mongolia who sustain-ably harvest the roots at their peak potency which is around five years of age.

We have strict protocols in place for the proper processing and packaging so the roots arrive at our facility with maximum potency. 

You get the full experience and health benefits of whole potent rhodiola root when you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea. 

It gives you an immediate boost in energy and stamina with a more positive outlook on life.

Giving you the ability to better handle physical and mental challenges. 


 Ashwagandha Root:

ashwagandha root Natural Buzz Energy Tea

Enhances stamina, relieves stress, and helps with maintaining a positive mood even under very challenging circumstances.

Ashwagandha is one of the most revered plants in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India.  It is one of the rasayana herbs in Ayurveda which is an herb that  promotes youth, longevity and alleviates suffering.

The potency of ashwagandha depends on the level of bio-active withanolides and the soil where the ashwagandha grows is the biggest factor in whether it has a high content of these elements.

Most of the high quality ashwagandha is grown in India but there are now some high potency farms in the United States.

We purchase ours from organic farms in India and the United States.

Our whole root ashwagandha is the most potent available and really gives you that pleasant ashwagandha buzz when you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea.



jiaogulan natural buzz energy tea

Is a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps regulate nitric oxide up or down for maximum cardiovascular benefits.  Enhances the immune system.  Promotes longevity. Increases energy, strength and endurance. Improves brain function, memory, concentration and learning.  Also helps reduce mental and physical stress.

Known as the immortal herb because of its superior anti-aging benefits.

Some scientists argue that jiaogulan is more powerful at providing health benefits than ginseng. We would agree with that argument because the spectrum of adaptogenic compounds in jiaogulan is greater than ginseng.

Plus it may be the most potent AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase) activator known. AMPK is an enzyme that has the nickname “Master Regulating Switch”.

AMPK, is an enzyme that when turned on increases the energetic output of cells so it balances the energy requirement of the body with the energy output of your cells.

Keeping the AMPK pathway activated is extremely important for longevity and decreasing the risk of cancer and inflammation.

The pharmaceutical industry is working overtime on finding patentable substances they can sell as drugs that will do what jiaogulan already does.

The potency of jiaogulan depends on the concentration of the full spectrum of adaptogenic compounds known as saponins.

The highest quality is grown in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand, which is where we buy ours.

This is a very fragile herb and can rapidly lose potency after harvest. Consuming this herb as close to fresh picked as possible provides the most powerful health benefits.

We require our jiaogulan to be processed and packaged so its potent and fresh when it arrives at our facility.

Drinking Natural Buzz Tea gives you a powerful dose of this herb with a very pleasant taste.



astragalus natural buzz energy tea

Protects against mental and physical stress. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Boosts the immune system, is cardioprotective, improves sexual health and has powerful anti aging properties.

This herb is classed as a “superior herb” in the 2,000 year old classic Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing.

In traditional Chinese medicine its used to strengthen vital energy and increase resistance to disease.

Astragalus has many constituents including saponins, polysaccharides, isoflavonoids, free amino acids, and trace minerals.

The two we are most interested in are Astragaloside IV which is a powerful saponin and Cycloastragenol (CGA) both of which activate telomerase to lengthen which allows for more cellular division.

The theory behind telomerase activity is that each time a cell replicates it uses up some of its telomerase and as the telomerase shortens replication stops and tissues degrade and die.

Adding length to telomerase is crucial for longevity and preventing disease.  

To experience all of the amazing benefits of astragalus it has to be potent.

That means the roots need to be five years old and almost two inches in width.

Most of the astragalus is produced in China however we think some of the best quality is now produced in the northwest territory of the United States and Canada which is where we buy ours. Its certified organic and delivered to our facility with excellent potency.

When you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea your getting all the benefits this herb has to offer. 


 Lemon Balm:

lemon balm natural buzz energy tea

The small amount we use in Natural Buzz Energy Tea helps calm the mind and sharpen concentration, alertness and promote a happy mood.  Larger amounts have a more sedative effect.

All concentrations provide antioxidants and help support normal blood sugar levels and have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

The main healing compounds in lemon balm are volatile compounds  which means they evaporate very quickly. So proper processing is critical to potency.

We purchase ours from an organic grower here in the United States who has grown organic Lemon Balm for more than 25 years with high  quality and potency.

The positive effect this herb has is immediately apparent when you consume Natural Buzz Energy Tea.



Stevia Leaf:

organic stevia leaf natural buzz energy tea

A natural non-calorie sweetener that also aids weight loss, lowers blood pressure and helps build strong bones.

Potent fresh organic stevia leaf can provide a sweetness similar to or even better that sugar. Oxidized, improperly processed stevia leaf doesn’t-it imparts more of a licorice taste that is unpleasant for most.

The freshness of the organic stevia leaf we use imparts just the right amount of sweetness so the taste is like or even better than sugar.

When you drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea we guarantee the taste to be nothing short of excellent and something you will look forward to every day.

natural buzz tea



"Gives a good energy boost. I usually drink some in the morning and after lunch for a pick me up in the afternoon. Anecdotally it seems to help take my mind off some of my day to day stressors."

- Norma J


"I had low motivation and energy. After a few days of drinking this tea it I noticed an increase in drive and energy. Also helps me focus on tasks at work"

- Casey M


"This is by far the most energizing tea I have tried"

- Steve T


"Helped me gain energy and curb my desire to overeat” I travel with this stuff and keep a stash at home."

- Colleen D