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Brewing instructions:

We have outlined some of our favorite ways to brew and drink this tea. 

The most basic way to make the tea is to just use a pot, water and a tea strainer.

Take 8 oz (1 cup) of water and bring to a boil. Turn off heat and add 1 scoop of tea, stir and let sit about 15 minutes. Then pour thru the tea strainer and drink warm or add ice.

Drink immediately or add it to any water bottle or thermos and take with you to the gym, work ect. 

You can re-steep the tea a second time, the flavor and energy are not as strong but there are still good benefits when you do this. Most of us brew our tea, drink it immediately then re-steep the tea-pour it into a metal water bottle and take it with us. 

For more powerful effects, we recommend using 16 oz (2 cups of water and 2 scoops of tea. You need enough to circulate in your system and that can vary with the individual. Try 1 serving and if you don’t think that’s enough go with 2. 

The second option is using a French press. Use just like you would if you made coffee. Just make sure you use the correct ratios of water 8oz (1 cup) to 1 scoop of tea. After adding the hot water let sit about 15 minutes before drinking. Again you can re-steep the tea if you desire.

Third, you can use any automatic coffee or tea maker and that includes the less expensive ones like a Mr. Coffee. Make the tea just like you would coffee by adding coffee filters or anything else. Nothing changes-just make sure your using the correct ratios of 1 cup 8oz of water to 1 scoop of tea.

Again, you can re-steep by just adding more water after the first batch and turning back on. Don’t forget 2 cups 16oz of water with 2 scoops of tea as a serving is going to yield more powerful effects. So if 1 serving doesn’t quite have the kick then go for two. 

Finally, if you have any other questions just write to us at


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