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Frequently Asked Questions-Natural Buzz Energy Tea

Frequently Asked Questions Natural Buzz Energy Tea.

How much tea should I use?

We include a scoop with your tea so the proper ratio is 1 level scoop with 8oz (1 cup) of water. We recommend using 2 scoops with 2 cups 16oz of water for best results. Some of the water is going to absorb into the tea so after straining it will be approximately 12oz of tea which is enough to provide a nice lift with good health benefits. You can use a little more or less.   

Also, you can re-use the tea a second time which will be less potent but still has some kick and health benefits.

What is the best way to brew your teas?

Its actually very simple just expose the tea to hot water and you can make the tea. It doesn’t matter if you use an automatic coffee maker, tea maker or just boil some water in a pot and add the tea and let it steep and pour it through a strainer.

Our favorite way here at Natural Buzz Tea is to get some water boiling and take the pot off the stove, add the tea and let it steep for at least 15 minutes then pour through a strainer and drink over ice or warm.

However, you can use an automatic coffee or tea maker. Just follow the manufacturers instructions. Just make sure you use the proper amount of tea and water (1 scoop to every 8oz of water).  

We have experimented with most commercial brands and they work fine. Just be careful with their cup size being 8oz. We have found some to be more or less so measure your water before adding to the automatic maker.


Why don’t you use tea bags?

You can't use them with automatic coffee and tea makers. If you like bags you can use metal balls.

How much can I drink in a day?

That depends on you, we don't recommend  more than 8 servings. The tea is very effective so you shouldn't feel the need to over consume, especially if your drinking plenty of water with the tea.  

Can I make the Natural Buzz Tea in a larger amount and then use it when I want?

You can, we recommend drinking it within 24 hours for maximum potency.

How long does it take for me to feel the energy from the tea?

Usually within 10 minutes or so it starts kicking in.

What does it feel like?

We formulated this tea for the ideal feeling to be like after you exercise or take a brisk walk and you feel naturally energized and happy. That’s what we were striving for during the development of this product, let us know if you think we hit the mark.

Can children drink Natural Buzz Energy Tea?

We designed this tea for adults not children.

If you have any further questions write to us at we like communicating with our client/customers.

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"Gives a good energy boost. I usually drink some in the morning and after lunch for a pick me up in the afternoon. Anecdotally it seems to help take my mind off some of my day to day stressors."

- Norma J


"I had low motivation and energy. After a few days of drinking this tea it I noticed an increase in drive and energy. Also helps me focus on tasks at work"

- Casey M


"This is by far the most energizing tea I have tried"

- Steve T


"Helped me gain energy and curb my desire to overeat” I travel with this stuff and keep a stash at home."

- Colleen D