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Caffeine VS Natural Buzz Tea

Energy Drinks And Coffee VS Natural Buzz Tea

The boost in energy, stamina and endurance you get from drinking Natural Buzz Tea does not involve loading your system with high amounts of caffeine like energy drinks and coffee do.

Natural Buzz Tea helps boost your production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is produced in every cell and is the energy your body uses to keep you alive.

The more of this energy you produce the better you feel physically, mentally and the more you can get done.

The only caffeine in this product is the small amount naturally occurring in the proprietary blend of organic teas we use-about 30 grams which compared to about 150 grams in a cup of coffee is not much.

Actually small amounts of caffeine are  good for you. But large amounts are not. Too much caffeine stresses the adrenal glands leading to adrenal fatigue and elevated cortisol levels.

Drinking Natural Buzz Tea will prove that you don't need high levels of caffeine to boost your energy.

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